A Trip To NH

Since this week is February break in NY, but not in NH, we decided to take a quick mid-week trip to see Gram and Grumpy and do some fun, uncrowded things.

Unfortunately, the girls were still under the weather and didn't sleep much since they both have bad coughs, but we still managed a few fun outings and lots of playtime with Gram and Honey Bunches.

We went to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center which was open during the week this week because of the MA school break.

The girls had lots of fun exploring and playing.

We even went to a planetarium show! MiniM.E. was a little timid about it because it felt a lot like a movie. And LittleL.G. was either so bored or just not feeling well enough, because she fell asleep halfway through.

It all worked out though because it was geared more towards older kids anyway and LittleL.G.'s nap gave MiniM.E. more time to explore and play.

The weather was so nice we had to get outside, so on Wednesday we went sledding at White's Park. LittleL.G. loved it, but MiniM.E. was definitely under the weather and was "done" after a few runs.

At least we got to play outside in the yard Thursday!

And then back home to NY for the weekend.  

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