Our First Ski Trip of the Season

There are not many things that make a child excited to go to sleep at night. Maybe Christmas Eve? But since yesterday morning MiniM.E. started counting the hours until bedtime because she was so excited to go skiing today.

We were excited too, as today was MiniM.E.'s first ever ski lesson and LittleL.G.'s first time on skis.

We dropped MiniM.E. at her lesson with only a few tears and got LittleL.G. suited up and ready to ski.

She was a little timid at first... but the magic carpet was so much fun she warmed up pretty quickly.

Of course, two year olds have a short attention span and not a ton of stamina, so after a few runs she was ready to call it quits.

We checked in on MiniM.E. who was doing a great job at her lesson

And then took a break by the outdoor fire.

MiniM.E. had a great first lesson- even though it was only on this tiny hill for 90 minutes.

After lunch she couldn't wait to try out her new skills with Daddy.

She can do the bunny hill all by herself! She asked to go again tomorrow... but we'll wait a few weeks... 

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