Happy New Year!

Gram and Grumpy left yesterday and after weeks of pre-Christmas excitement and a week of being spoiled rotten by presents and extra people to play with and chocolate for breakfast and lunch and cookies for dinner, the girls were not happy to see them go.  We tried to keep them occupied to put off the inevitable melt downs from both kids and parents. We took them sledding near our neighborhood, which was a big hit since it was relatively nice out and we have our new Christmas sled.

Then we came in for some hot chocolate and to dry off our wet winter clothes and then headed back out for First Night Saratoga. We didn't plan on staying long since it was cold and rainy/snowy out so we didn't buy buttons which meant we were limited to the free activities, which, so early in the evening, were few and far between. We did stop for a delicious ice cream snack.

We walked down Broadway and back and ended the evening at the carousel.

In typical parents with two kids fashion, we counted down to midnight at 8:15 and the kids were asleep by 8:30.

Happy New Year!!

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