Back to the Grind

It's always hard to get back to the grind after a week off. And even harder when that week off is Christmas week- the most exciting week of the year. And especially hard when you really sort of took the entire month off from strict schedules and "real school". So I was more than a little concerned about our today starting back with our normal school schedule.

But the girls were fantastic, aside from a few little spats. I did get a surprise when LittleL.G. refused to take a nap, but it did allow us to get out in the 40 degree weather to go ice skating at Gavin Park for a while which was a nice "back to the grind" treat.

It was so warm that we were skating on a giant puddle and both the girls were soaked.

But not too soaked to finish skating and spend a half hour on the snowy playground!

Here's to having a better January than usual!

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