2017: Could be the Best Year Yet

2016 was a pretty fantastic year. If I thought the girls had an amazing bond in 2015, it has only grown and strengthened in the last year. Sure, there are more disputes and spats as MiniM.E. tries to keep her role as the leader and boss and LittleL.G. asserts her independence. But MiniM.E. is like LittleL.G.'s second mom and LittleL.G. idolizes MiniM.E. and tries to be just like her all the time. We took some great trips to VA, Sesame Place, and Lake Owasco. We jumped into our first year of homeschooling. And we've had so many great days and happy moments.

I am so excited to watch the girls' relationship grow in the year to come.

And we are all also incredibly excited to welcome a new little guy to love in early May.

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