Merry Christmas in CT

Friday evening we drove down to CT so we wouldn't have to rush out of the house to drive down for our annual family get together happening Saturday. Auntie Jen and Dan drove up from VA and met us at the hotel. It was so exciting to see them since we haven't seen them since the spring.

The girls love a hotel stay and before heading to my aunt and uncles there HAD to be a swim in the pool.

They we headed over to spend the day with everyone. Each year the family grows: there were 18 people plus a baby this year. It made for one crazy exciting day... 


Merry Christmas Again!

Tuesday we left for NH for Christmas at Gram and Grumpy's. I was so excited to arrive that upon dancing into the house and kicking off my shoes I definitely broke my foot and spent three hours at urgent care confirming that it was, indeed, broken.

So... a little pity party for myself and a total lack of photos. 

We did hang out with our friends C & H and had a little karaoke party with the girls' new bluetooth mic and C took some photos:


Merry Christmas!

The girls were in a pageant at church last night, which was adorable. 
LittleL.G. as an angel

MiniM.E. as a wise man

Taking care of BabySlimJim

Cuddling in the candlelight

and a little pre-bedtime-Christmas-Eve-new-jammies aerobics
 And today Christmas was everything we hoped for.

 Merriest Christmas!


'Twas Four Days Before Christmas...

And we drove down to Long Island for my brother-in-law's second wedding. I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the idea of a wedding three days before Christmas, but the girls were asked to be flower girls- their lifelong dream- and I couldn't say no. It made for a stressful week, making sure everything was ready for Christmas before we left. 

Thursday we made it to the hotel early enough for a swim before the rehearsal. Best part of the day! 

After the rehearsal I tried to get the kids to bed early so they would be in top shape for walking down the aisle, then I snuck out to the rehearsal dinner.

Friday morning we just made it out the door in time to get to the church for 10:30. The kids looked adorable all dressed up for the occasion.

Sadly, the wedding started almost an hour late and poor LittleL.G. spiked a fever and almost fell asleep right before she had to walk down the aisle!

She really pulled through and both girls did a fantastic job:

A nap during the rest of the service, some Tylenol and a change of clothes did wonders and the girls had a blast dancing up a storm at the reception.

BabySlimJim wasn't so into the party:

It was a big couple days and the girls tired out before the cake cutting, but at least we stayed for ice cream balls and the fanny pack dance.

Happy Wedding and Congratulation Bill and Donya!

...and now on to Christmas!


'Twas the Week Before Christmas

And all through the house,
A baby was sick, but we had to go out.

To a trampoline party, where jumping was done.
At least the girls and Daddy had lots of fun.

A family get together, 
With food drink and friends.
And slow motion video
With silly pictures at the end.

To get ready for Christmas
Sugar cookies were made
As the light of the day
Started to fade

A trip to the library
For smoothies, books and a movie

And a holiday music class
That was jingly and groovy

One little baby
Learning to crawl

And one three year old
Giving birth to a doll