Victorian Stroll and the Tree Lighting

The past two nights have been filled with more evening activities than we've done in the past few months! We headed out after work to eat dinner with our friends who live downtown. Then we walked into town for Saratoga's Victorian Stroll. It's exciting because the street is closed and there are carolers and musicians and some people dress up in period attire. Santa comes and they light the tree (but we missed that part). The girls were most excited to ride the carousel.

We stayed out a bit too late and got caught in the rain on the way home, but fortunately it wasn't too cold out.

Tonight we decided to be a bit crazy and have another late night... after MiniM.E.'s Tae Kwon Do class, we booked it over to Gavin Park for Wilton's tree lighting ceremony.

As we were waiting for it to start, MiniM.E. was chosen to flip the switch to light the tree!! She was a little nervous, but she did great and was so proud!

In our three years living right down the road from the park, we never ventured out for the tree lighting, but with the mild weather this year we thought we'd give it a try. Definitely will be on our list of things to do to start the season next year. It was pretty amazing. The park was decorated with tons of Christmas lights, Santa came in on a fire truck parade, there was free food and activities and you could sit with Santa!


Just Hanging Around

I love the holiday season. Sure, it's hectic with shopping and Christmas cards and wrapping and obligations. We have a few friends with December birthdays, so there will be a couple birthday parties, some Christmas parties and extra holiday festivities. Add to this year that Daddy is in Germany for a week and we have a wedding three days before Christmas. It is crazy busy.

But the day to day is so much more relaxing. The warm light of the tree, only fun things to do for school, baking and decorating... so we've just been doing a little less and enjoying.


Cutting Down the Tree

We have been going to Bob's Trees for the past few years to cut our own Christmas Tree. This year the weather was perfect- mild and dry! We found a great tree, went on a wagon ride, saw Santa and had a snack with singing and all!

And it's up and decorated!!

Happy start-of-the-Christmas season!


Happy Thanksgiving!

We were lucky that both sets of grandparents could join us for Thanksgiving this year. I was feeling a bit under the weather and didn't take as many photos as I would have liked. But it was fantastic to eat real food now that we have found a formula that BabySlimJim tolerates!

The girls had a blast making decorations, watching the parade and playing with everyone. And of course, eating turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving School and Playground

It's that time of year when I am especially glad to be homeschooling as we switch from our usual schoolwork to school that focuses on the season. This week we are doing "Thanksgiving school"- learning about the holiday and the history but having the most fun with Thanksgiving food science: cranberry structures, popcorn popping experiments and making butter from cream.

And we are taking advantage of the warm-ish weather to spend as much time outside as we can!


A Week of Weather

This week we finished up our "pre-holiday" school with a mini-unit on the Earth and weather. 
MiniM.E. learned all the continents and oceans and we made models of the inside of the Earth.

We made water cycles in bags:

We made cloud paint:

By far the best activity was clouds in cups:

Now on to a week of Thanksgiving studies, a week of break, and MiniM.E.'s favorite time of year: Christmas School!