A Crazy Weekend

This weekend was one of our craziest in December! It started out with a Christmas party at the neighbors' on Friday night where we had a great time and stayed out WAY too late.

Then a bounce house birthday party

followed by ice skating for MiniM.E. and nap for LittleL.G. and then as soon as MiniM.E. got home we left for a holiday get together with our friends- again, staying up WAY too late.

Sunday we were lucky to make it up to the indoor waterpark at the Great Escape in time for a waterpark birthday party!
MiniM.E. with Santa and Mrs. Claus
We got home from the waterpark just in time to host a small holiday dinner at our house.

The girls had a blast even though our weekend was so crazy. MiniM.E. even commented that it was "the best weekend of her whole life!" So even though we are all exhausted, it was worth it!

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