Snow Day!

Our NYC trip really wore everyone out, and we are all a bit under the weather, especially LittleL.G., so we have been laying low.

But this morning when the girls woke up and saw snow on the ground they immediately wanted to go out and play. At 6:30. In their pajamas. Before breakfast.

I managed to hold them off long enough for my coffee to kick in and for us to get a little bit of "Christmas School" done, but even then, we were out playing by 9am!

We took the sled out and I pulled the girls down to a sledding hill we found on the trails by our house, but our German sled with runners didn't do well on lightly covered leaves and we flipped it on the first run and the girls refused another try. Time for a good old plastic sled, I guess... 

We still had a nice sled ride back to the house where we sledded down our front lawn a while and played in the back yard until everyone was cold enough to be convinced it was time to head in. 

Having snow outside put all of us in a better mood today and it was so much more fun reading Christmas books and doing our STEM advent activity. Hoping it sticks around until Christmas!

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