Our Month of Christmas School

Looking back at our weekdays during December, we kept plenty busy with all the usual Christmas preparations, baking, wrapping and a lot of me sneaking away while the girls were happily playing to get a few things done. Not to mention the necessary survival mode of barely keeping enough clean clothes in our drawers and making sure there was some sort of food for us to eat.

In addition to the occasional library trip or play date, we filled our days with "Christmas School" which will definitely be a tradition in years to come. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with our normal school routine with all the extra holiday activities so I made our own STEAM advent calendar with a daily science, technology, engineering, art or math activity. This was by far the girls' favorite part of Christmas School and many activities were requested multiple times throughout the month.

peppermint oobleck

building Santa a chimney
We also used Truth in the Tinsel to learn more about the reason for Christmas. Each day we focused on an event leading up to and including the birth of Jesus and created an ornament for our "Advent Ornament Tree". While they certainly didn't retain everything, they learned a lot about why we have Christmas, and I have to admit, I learned some new things too!

And of course in between our school activities there was lots of playing...
imaginary water park
And festive activities.
making sugar cookies

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