Merry Christmas!

Merriest Christmas!

The girls have been so excited for Christmas day to arrive. MiniM.E. knows what to expect, but I think LittleL.G. has been feeding off MiniM.E.'s excitement.

The girls dove into their stockings first thing and MiniM.E. was thrilled that Santa had to go all the way to Japan to get her tapioca balls (which was the only thing she asked him for.

chocolate for breakfast
sugar crash

There was lots of present opening, but it took us all day to get through the pile because LittleL.G. is at the age where she wants to open everything and use it.

We took a break from presents mid-day to go sledding. So thankful for a white Christmas!

Then we enjoyed some holiday movies and more presents and a delicious prime rib dinner, thanks to my mom, who pretty much did all the cooking. Thanks Mom!!

What a fantastic Christmas!

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