It seems that with the change in the weather and lots of yard work and housework to get done on the weekends and appointments and school to get done during the week the past couple weeks haven't been very exciting and have been mostly about getting stuff done.  We must just be saving up for all the intense excitement and fun we expect to have from Thanksgiving to New Years!

In any case, in between running errands, appointments, school and general thing-getting-done-ness, we have visited two museums in the past week or so.  The weekend before last there was a fine arts fair at the Museum of Dance, which we have never been to.  I didn't expect to be able to tour the museum during the art show, but it was open and they encouraged the kids to visit a craft area where they made ornaments from recycled bottle caps and played in the kids room which was full of dress up dance clothes and dance activities.

The girls had a great time dressing up and dancing and using the "giant feet" to stomp around.  I'm sure they could have stayed all day.  I guess we'll have to add it to the list of places to visit when it's too cold to play outside!

Friday we were invited by our neighbors to visit the Children's Museum of Science and Technology in Troy since their oldest daughter had the day off from school.  It was nice to re-institute "Field Trip Friday." We have been using Friday as a school day lately because the beginnings of our weeks have been so hectic.  The girls had a great time building, seeing the animals, and exploring at the museum. It is always nice to take a trip with friends- the more the merrier! (and there is always someone to play with!)

The highlight of the museum was definitely the log boat.  And what's cuter than three girls in a boat?

Five girls, of course!

In the planning stages of Thanksgiving and Advent, but hopefully lots of fun and excitement leading up to the new year!

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