Happy Thanksgiving!

And cheers to the start of the holiday season!! We had a quiet but very enjoyable Thanksgiving with just Gram and Grumpy this year. The girls weren't quite sure what to do with the day as the parade and dog show were only entertaining for a little while and neither wanted to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but we kept busy playing and cooking and spending time together.

Today, as is our tradition the weekend after Thanksgiving, we drove out to Bob's Trees to cut our tree. Even though it was raining at home, we were surprised but a good 6" of snow on the ground at Bob's!
Fortunately for Gram and Grumpy and Daddy, who didn't wear boots, we found our perfect tree in record time and didn't have to traipse through acres of trees.

We loaded the tree on the car and headed over to the snack bar for a snack, saw the reindeer and played in the Christmas cut-outs.

1150 lights later the tree is up and ready for decorations. Let the Christmas Season begin!

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