The Second Week of the School Year

Monday was an exciting day for MiniM.E. because we finally made it through the primer she's been reading all summer.  To celebrate, we went to the Dairy Haus for ice cream.

Tuesday we needed some outside playtime so we went to the nearby playground.

Wednesday after school we met our friends at the new coffee shop in town, Kru. By far the fanciest coffee shop we've been to in a long time. It was a great place to take the girls (and Baby G.) because at 3pm there were hardly any customers and they have a great loft area where the girls could run around without bothering anyone.

all six of these cuties. love them!
Thursday the weather was beautiful so we sped through our morning school session so we could make it to the playground again to meet up with some friends.
LittleL.G. on the big girl swing

And that sums up the fun things we got to do this week. The school days continued to run smoothly, though I could tell that the excitement of the first week was fading so we'll tweak things a little for next week. I might have started off a little too strong... but we're still learning a lot and having fun.

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