Our Big Weekend Project

I haven't been posting much about our weekends because we've been working on a huge project since Labor Day weekend.  We thought maybe it would be a two weekend project, but here we are on weekend three and we still haven't quite finished.

So here it is, project new deck:

halfway through weekend one

the start of weekend two

end of weekend two

after working all weekend this weekend
My parents have been nice enough to drive up every weekend to help. We have little deck building skill, so they have been very helpful in directing the building and my dad has been working hard and sharing his tools. After being home with the girls all day everyday, it has been a nice break to work with the guys and my mom has been nice enough to do the majority of watching the kids. As usual, it became a much bigger project than we expected, but we are so happy with how it's coming along.

And it has been nice to spend the weekends with Gram and Grumpy.

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