C. & H. Visit: Great Escape

Today was a low key morning.  The weather started out pretty soggy so we spent most of the morning playing inside until it was warm enough and not quite so rainy and the kids went out to dance in the rain.  Too cute!

The girls and I had a service to attend at 11, so C. & H. had some time to explore downtown Saratoga on their own.

We met back at home for lunch and headed to the Great Escape for the afternoon.  Since it was so miserable out this morning, the park was hardly crowded and their were no lines for anything.  We started out at the rollercoaster while LittleL.G. took a mini snooze in the kinderpack.  Next came the log flume and then the kiddie area before we headed over to the waterpark.

It was impressive timing because just as the kids were ready to jump in the water the sun came out and it heated up.  The big kids had a blast sliding while LittleL.G. splashed around in the kiddie area.

We stayed at the waterpark until it closed and had time for a couple car rides before the whole park closed at 7.

Another fun and busy day!

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