C. & H. Visit: The Beach

Today was the last day of C. & H.'s visit.  We had a blast and all the kids behaved much better than both C. and I thought, but two headstrong almost-five-year-olds together for almost four days mixed with a tired toddler became a little too much for everyone by this morning.

We packed up for the beach where we decided we would play until lunchtime.  The big kids had a blast swimming with C. but unfortunately LittleL.G. decided after five minutes of swimming that she wanted to go home and nothing would do except me holding her on the blanket in the scorching sun.  We held on for a while but had to cut the morning a bit short so LittleL.G. could come home for a much needed nap.  Since the big kids were at each other everyone took a break while C. packed to head home.

A little more playing and it was time to say goodbye.  We had a great time C. & H.!  Thanks for coming and see you soon!

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