A Week at the Lake

Every year we see Meamaw and Grandpa over the summer, usually in August.  For the past few years, since we've been in Saratoga, they have come to visit us there.  But this year, to change it up, Meamaw and Grandpa decided to rent a lake house at Owasco Lake in Auburn, NY, the town Daddy grew up in.

We're excited to do something else with Meamaw and Grandpa since we've already seen the sights in Saratoga.  Meamaw and Grandpa are excited too because they will get to see some of their friends.

We drove here yesterday, arriving just before dinner.  But of course, the girls weren't thinking dinner, they wanted to see the lake and go swimming!

It was a late night trying to get them to sleep in a new house after such an exciting evening.  Of course, no one slept in this morning!  We enjoyed breakfast out on the back deck.

What a view to see while eating breakfast!

Late morning we were invited to a brunch with Meamaw and Grandpa.  The girls swam in the pool there and LittleL.G. was so exhausted she took a nap on Meamaw!

After the brunch we stopped at a playground we had passed on the way that looked like lots of fun.

Of course, when we arrived back at the lake house, it was time for more swimming!

Tomorrow the weather doesn't look so favorable.  Road trip to Rochester!

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