A Day Trip To Maine

Today we drove up to Maine to visit York's Wild Animal Kingdom and see the ocean.

After visiting the Friendly Farm and Animal Land, York's was a bit underwhelming as the animals were much less accessible.  MiniM.E. did get to feed some baby goats:

The girls loved being frozen bananas:

And we got a good look at the lions:

We took a break from York's to walk down to the town and get a snow cone and some taffy.  MiniM.E. wanted to see the water, but the beach was just a sea of umbrellas and it was too overwhelming to try to get to the water.  We promised we'd stop at a beach on the way home and we headed back to the zoo for the best part of the day, the camel ride. We had to wait until 1:00 for the big camel to take his shift so the three of us could go together.

It has been a while since I've been on a camel ride because MiniM.E. has only wanted Gram to take her in the past few years. I remember our first ride and how for weeks we talked about the "wibbledy wobbledy" camel. I had forgotten how "wibbledy wobbledy" it was.

After York, even though it was past LittleL.G.'s nap time, we decided to head to Fort Foster to see the water because we couldn't leave Maine without MiniM.E. getting to touch the ocean.

Both the girls had a blast by the water.  MiniM.E. explored the rocks and LittleL.G. decorated them with wet sand.

We reluctantly headed home, stopping by Stonewall Kitchen and ended a great Maine day with a stop at Johnson's Dairy House for an ice cream dinner.

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