Week 1 of Swimming Lessons

Monday MiniM.E. started three weeks of swim lessons. It was a bit ambitious of us to sign up for swimming lessons 25 minutes away every day for three weeks, but MiniM.E. is anxious to learn to swim and I would feel much more comfortable with her in the water if she could swim too!

She made a lot of progress at Gram and Grumpy's pool a few weeks ago, but in just the five days of lessons so far she's gotten even better!

The best part of each lesson is jumping off the diving board into the diving well at the end of class.

We chose the lessons down in Clifton Park because we heard they were the best but also because there is a kiddie pool for LittleL.G. to play in while MiniM.E. is in lessons.  The first few days we had to be near MiniM.E. as she takes a while to get used to new things.  Yesterday LittleL.G. just wanted to sleep... 

So today was the first day she really enjoyed herself while MiniM.E. was swimming.

Looking forward to another two weeks of lessons and watching my little fish learn to swim!

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