The Great Escape

Daddy had a vacation day to take so to celebrate a long weekend and the girls finally being able to swim again, we decided to go to the Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom.

MiniM.E. has been begging to go back to the "outdoor" waterpark since the first time we went, and it seemed a better idea to go on a Friday than on a weekend.

We had some time to ride the rides before the waterpark opened.  MiniM.E. and Daddy went on the BIG roller coaster while LittleL.G. and I hung around the kiddie area.  Even though LittleL.G. loved the swing the last few times we went, today was not a swinging day.  She tried her first roller coaster:

... and had a miserable time. It was way too bumpy and jerky and because she is so short, her head kept banging the restraint bar.

The tiny spray area was a huge hit though.

Time for just one more balloon ride before the waterpark:

And then we spent a few hours splashing and swimming and sliding. It was a great Friday!

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