Polo and A Park Picnic

A few weeks ago they plowed the big field by our house and installed four big red posts.  Daddy and MiniM.E. and I have been having a good time guessing what they are for.  Of course, we, the grown ups, could deduce that it was likely a playing field of some sort.  MiniM.E.'s best guess was that the big posts were for two giant hammocks, which would have been almost as awesome as their real use.

Gram escorted us home from NH so we all took a walk to check out the field and see if we could figure out what they used it for.  A week ago there were horses parked at the edge, so my guess was polo.  And I was right!  Our field is now used for amateur polo practice.  Once we learned they were going to play polo we darted home for some chairs, blankets and snacks and set up to watch.  It was far better watching practice polo than real polo because we were so much closer and the sun wasn't shining right in our eyes as it does on the tailgating side of the Polo Club polo field.  We will definitely be back to check out some more polo soon!

After nap we said our goodbyes to Gram and headed downtown for a picnic in the park with Baby G. and family.

The girls played and rode the carousel while we waited for the Daddies to meet us after work. And, of course, MiniM.E. had to have her baby-cuddle-fix.

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