More Swimming and Monkeying Around

After our day trip to CT we stayed in NH until yesterday enjoying the pool and the (much!) warmer weather than we had for our last visit.

Since Daddy was home working and Grumpy was working too, Gram and I did most of the swimming and playing.  Since MiniM.E. is so much better at swimming now and always wants to be in with no floatation device, someone always has to be with her, and LittleL.G. is so fickle about the cool (88? really??) water that she kept wanting to run back and forth between the big pool and the hot tub, so I was left with little time for photo opportunities.

Fortunately I got a few of the girls enjoying themselves.

A few on the swing set

And one of MiniM.E. on the NEW monkey bars Grumpy installed for her! Thanks Grumpy!

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