American Girls' Night Out

Last night MiniM.E. and I had a Mommy-Daughter date night at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.  It was American Girls' Night Out, a few hours of American Girl-themed activities before the New York City Ballet's performance of Jewels.  MiniM.E. remembers going last year and has been anticipating the evening for months.  Her doll got a new dress for the event as a "learning to swim present" and MiniM.E. made sure she and I were both dressed in coordinating outfits too.

Had I read last year's post before we went, I might have tried harder to suggest a different date night activity. I did remember being a bit underwhelmed, but was hoping maybe some improvements had been made.

I was sadly not more impressed than last year. 

Being a little older, the craft held MiniM.E.'s attention for a while, but we were still finished with the activities with an hour to wait before the ballet.

finding out there was still an hour to wait
Again, it was nice that we stayed for the ballet because it was definitely the highlight of the evening.

And despite the less than exciting pre-show, it was awesome to have a night out with just MiniM.E.

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