A Week of Swimmer's Ear

Sunday we usually go to church and do some grocery shopping and play in the afternoon or maybe have a BBQ.

Today MiniM.E. was really cranky when she woke up and started complaining a lot about her ear. Luckily our pediatrician just started offering Sunday hours so we were at the doctor's office instead of church. Both girls have swimmer's ear so we are on day 4 of no swimming.

Instead of playing in the water Sunday afternoon, Daddy and MiniM.E. escaped the heat by going ice skating while I reorganized the playroom.

It was too hot to BBQ so we went to dinner at our new favorite spot, BWP.  They have good food and the girls can run around and play in a grassy area by their outside patio.
or hide in the bushes?
Monday we had plans to go to the lake and MiniM.E. was crushed that she couldn't swim, so to lessen the blow we went to the TreePaad.

Tuesday we had lunch with friends and then visited another new baby, Baby R. and his sister J.

Today we met MiniM.E.'s preschool teacher at the track for breakfast, then spent the rest of the morning downtown and caught a Zucchini Brother's concert at the library.  (MiniM.E. was too busy with her teacher to stop for photos.)

We've been doing a great job keeping busy out of the water and the heat!

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