A Quick Trip to CT

Today we drove down to CT with my mom to go to my cousin's daughter's baptism (first cousin once removed doesn't sound as good).  It was nice to go down and see my aunt and uncle and cousins and the kids since we hardly see them- usually at Christmastime and maybe once more during the year.

It was a quick ceremony and then we went to a small party to celebrate.

watching with L.

All dressed up!

MiniM.E. is the oldest of the kids, my cousin's son is almost three and her daughter is just a couple weeks older than LittleL.G.  The girls played really well together.  My cousin's daughter loved MiniM.E. and kept hugging her and following her around, which was really cute.  Her son was so excited to have everyone around that he was a little wild for MiniM.E. but they did have a great time playing with the hose together.

After the party my aunt and uncle took us to Rich's Ice Cream.  It was so crowded it took almost half and hour to get ice cream, but the girls and I had a good time watching the cows and playing on the stairs while we waited.  Best dinner ever!  After ice cream we got in the van and drove to NH where we'll stay for most of the week.

It was really nice to see everyone!

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