The Philadelphia Zoo

During our trip to PA, we took a break from Sesame Place to visit the nearby Philadelphia Zoo.

It was a really nice zoo- good size with lots of animals, but not too big that we couldn't see everything in one morning.

The girls were excited to see all the animals, but with a busy day the day before and much less sleep than usual, all the walking wore them out pretty quickly.

They were most excited about the petting zoo. We are a bit spoiled after repeated trips to Adirondack Animal Land where you can feed and pet almost all the animals. MiniM.E. really just wanted to touch something. Even in the petting zoo there was no feeding, which I think might have been a bit disappointing. At least there was brushing, which might have made up for the lack of food.

A really cool feature of the zoo (that I didn't take photos of because now that I have kids I hardly take photos of anything but them) is the zoo 360 where animals can walk right over you in caged tunnels. We had some pretty amazing views of some monkeys and a cheetah. 

The best exhibit was the tiger because we got to see him right up close and he got into the water for a swim. I think the girls' favorite part was that as he got out of the water he pooped in it. Even LittleL.G. was giggling and kept asking for "mo rah poo!" (more roar(tiger) poop!).

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