Sesame Place

Last week we took an awesome vacation. We went to Sesame Place in PA with Gram - just the girls.

The drive down was a breeze. After driving all the way down to VA, 4 hours was a piece of cake. We tried to driving during LittleL.G.'s nap, but she was so excited she fought it for a long time.  She finally passed out under her blanket.

Once we arrived, we checked into the hotel where MiniM.E. prepped for seeing Elmo by taking photos of the Elmo we brought with us:

We swam in the pool and MiniM.E. met a friend the same age as her and they had a blast jumping in and swimming together. After dinner and a rainbow (good luck for the rest of our trip) we tried to get the kids to sleep since we had a big couple days ahead!

Sesame Place was a blast.  Wednesday was cool and breezy which was perfect weather for an amusement park (not so much the for the water park which we promised MiniM.E. for Thursday).

MiniM.E. LOVED the rides and was excited to go on everything. We bumped into her friend from the pool so she had a riding buddy for some of the rides that Gram and I didn't want to go on.

MiniM.E.'s favorite ride, by far, was the roller coaster. It was one of the only rides Gram liked so she got to be MiniM.E.'s riding buddy every time.

Gram also got to ride the Cloud Eraser.

LittleL.G. was a surprisingly patient observer.

She had a great time on a few of the rides like the hot air balloons and the tea cups, but was not a fan of the restraints.

I was the primary ride rider since I could (almost) tolerate all the spinning and jostling without feeling too dizzy and icky.

Funny how I used to love amusement park rides as a kid, but as an adult they really do a number on me.  The carousel was more my speed.

LittleL.G. rode the horse around once, but by the end of the trip decided she preferred the bench.

Aside from the rides, Sesame had some other cute things to offer.  Lots of opportunities for character photos:

And the best part of the trip, the Sesame Parade and Street Party.

The first day the girls were interested and watched intently. But the second day they were both dancing and MiniM.E. even got pulled into the parade to dance!

It was a really enjoyable trip for everyone. The girls had a blast and MiniM.E. is already asking when we can go back again!

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