The Great Escape: Opening Weekend

Hard to believe that we were at a beach on Thursday since it barely hit 50 yesterday.

We were in need of something exciting to do yesterday and crazily, even with the forecast of not so warm temps and high winds, we decided to drive up to the Great Escape for their opening weekend since we have season passes this year.  We figured it would be a great first trip since there were bound to be fewer people because of the weather.  And other than being a bit chilly, it was a blast- no lines and lots of fun! And so nice that we could just go for a couple hours!

Both girls loved driving the cars.  We actually had to wait for this ride due to the slow loading nature, and even with the 15 minute wait as soon as we were off we had to drag the girls away because they both wanted to wait again!

The next favorite for both the girls was the tandem swing. MiniM.E. almost didn't ride because kids 36" and over had to ride alone, but she was so glad that she put on her brave face because it was a ton of fun - we rode it at least six times.  A couple times we got to stay on for a second ride and being a grown up two times in a row is just about all I could handle.

MiniM.E. enjoyed a few other rides in the kiddie area- the train, the planes and the kiddie cars.  We almost had LittleL.G. go up in a plane too, but the rules announcement took too long and she chickened out.

We all rode the carousel and took a trip on the swan boats.

And by the time we drove the cars and hit up the kiddie area one more time the park was closing. The girls can't wait to go again.  Hopefully it is still fun when there are more people because the weather is nice...

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