Loving "Almost" Summer

I think if we could just spend all day, everyday, outside, we would be much happier.  The girls love to be out and about or even just out in the yard.  With the exception of the occasional squabble about "front yard or back yard" or where to go next when we are downtown, they are generally really pleasant, especially with each other, when we are out.  And I think I am probably more pleasant too!  

So being able to be outside most of the day has been great for all our moods. 

Now I think we are all looking forward to school and activities being done so we can enjoy our outside time without being stressed about rushing off to somewhere or feeling worn out by a busy morning.  Summer is right around the corner!
LittleL.G. on the horse statue downtown

MiniM.E. with our new outdoor chalkboards

swinging together at the new playground

attempting a photo with both girls smiling

blowing dandilions

and who could resist a princess dress picture?

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