Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Our long weekend started out as a blank canvas. In fact I it took me a few days to realize why everyone kept asking what I was doing this weekend because I forgot it was a long one! Since we had zero plans from the start we decided to be spontaneous and just go and do things!

We started Saturday at the Great Escape. The plan was only to do the waterpark since this was our third weekend going up, but though we thought the waterpark opened at 10 (when we arrived) it actually opened at noon, giving us two hours to bake in the sun and ride some rides in 80+ degree weather. By the time the waterpark actually did open we were pretty tuckered out and only lasted an hour or so.

We got home from Great Escape and prepared to go to a BBQ in the evening.  Had a great time there and got home a little late.

Sunday after church, we headed to the spray ground downtown.  After being out in the sun and heat all day yesterday we were all a bit tired.  The girls had a great time for a while...

But it was soon obvious that we all just needed a nap...

LittleL.G. took a nap and we prepared to host an improptu BBQ at our house.

It was a late night, both girls were up way past their bedtimes.

So maybe we should have figured that a trip to the beach Monday would have been too much. But we tried it anyway. The hour we spent there was very pleasant, but I think what we all needed was a relaxing day at home, swimming in the inflatable pools in the yard and sitting in the adirondack chairs. And that's how we spend the rest of the day.

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