First Beach Trip of the Year

Yesterday was over 80 degrees! What a taste of summer. MiniM.E. has been begging to go to the lake since the snow melted, and it was the perfect day.  

The beach Moreau Lake isn't open for wading or swimming until Memorial Day, but we figured we could dip our toes in without getting in too much trouble!

The girls had a blast digging holes, catching salamanders and making a salamander castle.  MiniM.E. even went for a quick dip and got all the way wet!

It really was a perfect beach day.  Not too hot that we couldn't sit out in the sun all day, warm enough to get our legs wet, and we were practically the only ones there, so there was plenty of room for running and digging and yelling without bothering anyone.

Looking forward to many more summer days at the beach!

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