A Lazy Outside Saturday

Yesterday we ventured out to a kite festival in the morning.  MiniM.E. is really into kite flying, so she was eagerly anticipating making and flying her own kite.  However, to our disappointment, there were no kites to be made, only purchased.  Our frugal decision to buy a cheap kite (as we left ours at home because we thought we would be making one) left us disappointed.  In what little wind there was the kite broke twice before we really got it flying and we gave up in favor of playing on some wooden structures that I believe were supposed to be some sort of "low ropes course".

It was fun for a bit but after a disappointing kite flying, a $5 ice cream that no one liked and a lack of grilled cheese, which LittleL.G. demanded after the inedible ice cream, we headed home for an afternoon of water play and a BBQ with friends.

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