The Boston Children's Museum

Since today was a rainy day, we decided to take a trip down to Boston to visit the Children's Museum. I am not one for crowds and was a bit worried since it was spring break week, but though there were definitely hundreds of people there, the museum is big enough not to feel overwhelmingly crowded.

I remember MiniM.E. having a great time there when she was about LittleL.G.'s age and I know she still loves it now, so I was fairly convinced it was going to be a fun-filled day for everyone.

The museum has so much to offer that it is almost impossible for a 1.5-6 year old to NOT have fun exploring and playing.  MiniM.E. probably would have stayed all day.  LittleL.G. was not quite as excitable as I expected, but even though she wasn't running around and giggling, she found a few things she really loved and she enjoyed watching when it was too overwhelming to get in on the action.

MiniM.E.'s favorite room has always been the bubble room:

LittleL.G. wasn't as impressed:

The ball rolling room and the water room were hits for both girls:

There was so much to do and so much activity that in many of the exhibits taking a successful photo was nearly impossible.  But here are a few of the rest of our day:
pedaling to propel a fan

pushing a bus

an attempted photo of both girls in a firetruck
 It was a successful trip on a rainy day.  And we even made it back in time to eat out at MiniM.E.'s favorite restaurant, Ruby Tuesday!

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