Swimming Lessons

MiniM.E. had her second swimming lesson today.

Which is a huge deal. First off, because she repeatedly told me that she DID NOT want to take swimming lessons, and secondly because she has to get in the pool with someone else while I AM NOT in the pool.

But she totally blew my socks off by getting right in the water with a college student on the day of swim evaluations.

Then at her first lesson I was worried things weren't going to go well because she was paired with a male instructor and she takes much longer to warm up to males than females, but again- got right in and did a great job!  She was one of the only ones in her class to put her head under and she even jumped in at the end.

Today I was worried again because her instructor was different than the class before.  But again, she did a fantastic job.  I suppose after her first two times at the pool I should have known not to worry. Today was an especially great lesson for her because the other girl who shared her instructor refused to get in the water, so MiniM.E. basically had a one-on-one lesson.

Hoping to have a swimmer by the summer!

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