So LittleL.G. was NOT thrilled at being shoved into a snowsuit and brought out in the windy snowy day.  At least we finally got use out of her snowsuit... MiniM.E. on the other hand, was beyond excited since we hardly had any days to play in the snow over the winter.

Before LittleL.G. lost it completely (shown above) we managed to get in a sled ride (real work out for Mommy pulling 60lbs of kids on a couple inches of snow), which both girls enjoyed.

I was able to shovel a path on the driveway approximately 9 feet long before LittleL.G. insist I hold her.  And MiniM.E. played and played and played in the snow.

Today proved a better day for snow play.  It was much milder and not windy so LittleL.G. tolerated the snowsuit.

And MiniM.E. played and played and played in the snow.  And of course, ate it.

And just to warm things up, here is an adorable photo of MiniM.E. INSIDE at dance class yesterday.

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