Playgrounds and Other Stuff

That happened at the end of March.  And now it is April, and I am far behind on the blogging game. I haven't taken as many photos, I rarely even get a chance to sit down at the computer to look at said photos, and I certainly have no time to carefully choose and edit the ones I want to share.  One and a half (almost) and four and a half (almost) are clearly parenting intensive times.  So here are some left over March photos.  Happy April!

LittleL.G. sliding at the Skidmore playground

first outing at West Side Rec of the year

so proud of climbing!

sliding at Gavin Park

flying a plane 

holding hands... aw!


a visit with Baby J. - even LittleL.G. wanted a turn "ho! ho! baby!" (holding the baby)

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