Hunting Salamanders

Since the weather is so nice we HAD to spend time outside after church so today we took the girls to Moreau Lake to hunt salamanders.  
rockin' the Babiators
 LittleL.G. was so excited to see the water that she ran down the beach to touch it.  To her surprise it was really cold.  I guess toddlers are less than agile and while attempting to stop herself from taking another step she did a full on face plant into the lake.  Despite being a little wet, she really enjoyed watching the salamanders swim from afar.

MiniM.E. was much more excited to catch them and we ended up with a whole bucket full!

While MiniM.E. and Daddy caught and released salamanders, LittleL.G. practiced her shoveling and bucket filling.

MiniM.E. really wanted her to be as excited about the salamanders as she was so she brilliantly thought to have LittleL.G. "feed" the salamanders some sand.  I love watching them play together.

What a great morning at the beach! I think we're all excited to come back when we can swim!

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