Hello April

And thank you for bringing such lovely weather.  For one day...  Friday we spent as much of the day outside as we could since the weather was going to get cold for the weekend (and snow next week??!!)

LittleL.G. has been asking to go outside every day since she can see the play set from her seat at the table and from the back door.  "Sigh! Sigh!" (slide) multiple times a day.  It was nice to finally let her play out back.  And for the first time she did the slide by herself.  She couldn't have been more excited or proud of herself.

Of course even on the nicest days there's time to play doctor:

Then over the weekend since it was colder we went bowling, the girls' favorite indoor activity

And had our friends' over for pizza.  Since it got late, everyone got in the tub. You know you've got a great friend when they help you rinse after a shampoo.

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