Happy One and A Half!

I'm HOW old??
It is hard to believe we have been a family of four for 18 months.  I have to say that LittleL.G. is the best thing that happened to our little family of three.

She is the one who wakes up smiling and laughing and always wants to say "HI!" and "pat" everyone and everything.  She's the first to brighten a dull moment with a funny dance, some spinning, jumping or running and can make all of us giggle with her "funny face".  She loves Elmo, Mickey Mouse, stickers, drawing, macaroni and cheese, being naked, slides and going "AH-SIGH!"

(the "funny face")
She is sweet and loving and takes expert care of all her dollies (though they are almost always naked).  She can also be headstrong and can definitely hold her own against MiniM.E.

At times she is daring and independent and will run off to play by herself at a playground,  but she can also be a mama's girl and has spent many hours cuddled on me like a baby koala.

There is no telling her she isn't four and a half like her sister and she loves MiniM.E. fiercely.  She imitates all that she does and wants to do everything MiniM.E. can even if she's too little.  She asks for her when she isn't around and gets excited to see her when they've been apart.

If I thought it was fun to watch my first little baby grow into a little girl, it is even more fun the second time around... even if I don't have as much time to document it or talk about it or sometimes even realize it is happening.

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