A Happy 5th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated our friend H.'s 5th birthday.  Which feels almost unreal.  Five?? We all celebrated H.'s very first birthday together.  And every birthday since.  It is a nice tradition and it is fun to see the girls grow together, but sometimes it seems like it's all going by much too fast!

I think what makes the 5th birthday party a bit hard to swallow is MiniM.E.'s excitement to grow up faster.  "H. is five today! I'm almost five too.  I can't wait to be five.  Can you believe I'm almost five? Don't I look like I'm six today?? You know how now I wear size five.  I bet when I'm five I'll wear size six!!" ...and it goes on.  But I think today she understood just a bit how I feel because in the car on the way to the party she said, "Mommy, I'm a little sad that LittleL.G. is going to be two when I turn five.  I think I want her to stay one.  Does that make you sad too, Mommy?" And of course, it does make me a little sad that my babies will be two and five. But as much as I want them to stay this way it is so rewarding watching them grow.  And at least I have another six months to prepare!

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