Trip to VA: Day 3

Because the time change has the girls waking up an hour later anyway, and because everyone was so tired from the road trip and staying up late last night, this morning we really had to scramble to get down to breakfast since it only goes until 9.

Auntie Jen met us and ate breakfast with us and then she took us to her work- a Petco that just opened a few weeks ago.  MiniM.E. has been so excited to go to Petco with Auntie Jen because we got to hold a lot of the small animals that Jen has been sending us videos of.

We touched a turtle, and a snake, held a lizard and a chameleon, just looked at the tarantula (eek!), and held a really furry mouse.

The girls played dog trainer with the mascot puppy in the training area for a while.

After Petco it was time for the zoo!

The Virginia Zoo was AWESOME.  There was hardly anyone there and the weather was beautiful.  Sunny and warm enough.  It was just the right size to see everything in a couple hours.

snack break with a goose

photo with a peacock

playing on the stage
 There were 10 week old baby tigers to watch play and a playground where the kids could play with "tiger toys".
looking angry by the baby tigers

riding the turtle statue

The girls had a great time and we had to drag them away when it was time to leave to beat the traffic home.  We picked up Jen's boyfriend Dan and headed to dinner at Cheddar's.  We had some great appetizers, but our waitress had some difficulties and we never ended up with our dinner. Fortunately the appetizers were hugenormous!  We went back to the hotel for another swim and the girls stayed up late.  Going to be another scramble for breakfast tomorrow!

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