Trip to VA: Day 2

We made it to VA!

We woke up, had some breakfast at the hotel and after a quick luggage cart ride, we were back on the road.

MiniM.E. dozed in the car, but LittleL.G. stayed awake the whole drive.

...so as soon as we checked into the hotel, she fell asleep.

That gave us time to catch up with Auntie Jen and for MiniM.E. to explore the hotel a bit.

When LittleL.G. was done with her nap (possibly because we woke her up), we went to Auntie Jen's house to see her adorable nuzzly kitty and then drove to the beach to feed the seagulls.  We were hoping for some warm weather but it was cold and windy.  The girls still had a great time watching the seagulls and played on a playground nearby for a while before the wussy grown ups got too cold and decided to call it a day.

We went back to the hotel for their complimentary cocktail hour.  Then, because we promised MiniM.E. we would see the pool we went for a swim and decided afterwards that since it was late and the girls needed to get to bed, we would just order a pizza for dinner.

They were exhausted by the time they finally went to sleep.

On the agenda for tomorrow: Petco and the zoo!

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