Trip to VA: Day 1 - Road Trip!

This week MiniM.E. has school vacation and Daddy is back in Dresden so we are traveling to VA with Gram to visit my sister.  She moved down in August and we haven't seen her since then, so we are all excited to go and visit.

Originally the plan was to fly, but it was expensive and still required a lot of travel time, so in the end we decided to drive the 9.5 hours in two days.  Thankfully going with Gram means we can take the van and one adult can sit with the girls in the back and dole out activities and snacks and put on movies, etc.

To make it easiest on the girls, we left a couple hours before dinner, stopped to eat and take a break, and got back in the car.  LittleL.G. had a rough time falling asleep for the night but other than that both girls were amazing and no one fussed or cried at all!

Settled in in NJ for the night with about 3 hours and 15 minutes to finish the drive tomorrow.

So far so good.  If the rest of the trip is as good as today, we will drive to many places in the future, or it could take a downturn and we will swear off road trips for a long while... hoping for the best!

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