The Day Before Easter

Today was Saratoga's Egg-stravaganza.  Easter bunny, egg hunts and lots of Easter activities were promised.  Fortunately we got there at the very beginning because the mandatory egg baskets sold out within an hour, and the egg hunts every half hour were cancelled after the first two.  At least it was something to do and we were done after an hour or so because it was very cold and windy.

MiniM.E. surprised us by asking to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap.  So unlike her.  She insisted LittleL.G. sit with her, but as you can see, she wanted no part in it.

The carousel was open, which was exciting for both the girls.  LittleL.G. was almost jumping out of my arms to get in to see the horses, but then refused to ride one.

MiniM.E. got to sit in a fire truck.

And there was the egg hunt, which both girls loved.  Unfortunately, there were only frozen tootsie rolls in the eggs- not a LittleL.G.-friendly food and MiniM.E. insisted she didn't like them.

It was nice to get outside for a while.  AND it kept us busy while we were waiting for Gram and Grumpy to get here.  It's always hard to wait for something exciting!!

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