Goodbye Daddy Breakfast, Playground and Ducks!

Daddy left yesterday to go back to Dresden for another week.  Instead of leaving from the airport they took a car service down to Newark.  MiniM.E. was pretty bummed not to get to watch people go through security, so we softened the blow with breakfast at the Iron Roost.  Miserable lighting, great food.

LittleL.G. was so off her schedule from the waterpark that she napped on the drive TO breakfast and after dropping Daddy off MiniM.E. was blinking back tears, so to make her happy and find something to do while LittleL.G. was NOT napping we went to the playground for a while.

Beautiful weather!  Then we played outside MORE when we got home.  The girls were worn out by dinner time and ready for bed.

Today we went to the doctor for LittleL.G and found out she has an ear infection.  Which is hopefully why she was such a miserable sleeper at the waterpark since we have four nights of hotel coming up-- Gram arrived today since we will all be leaving on a "road trip" to VA to see Auntie Jen tomorrow.  It was another nice day so after a super-nap from LittleL.G., we went downtown to see the ducks for the first time in months.

Next stop, VA!

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