And Then There Was a Week...

Where, yet again, I have nothing to show. It has just been that kind of winter. MiniM.E. started the week with a cold and LittleL.G. was up all night Wednesday with a fever that turned into a full on miserable cold so we cancelled all our end of week plans with friends.

The wii has been a lifesaver.  Might as well get some exercise while being cooped up inside.

We did manage a weekend morning bowling excursion with Daddy but it only lasted one game because LittleL.G. wasn't really up for it and got pretty cranky towards the end. (Boy our kids are cute bowlers though!)

I did get to celebrate my birthday with a pretty fantastic ice cream cake and adorable singers.

The beginning of this week has been about the same as LittleL.G. is still under the weather.  We have plans to go to the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark tomorrow, so hopefully she is feeling better really soon!
fun with selfies

feeding the alligators

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