Mommy Daughter Sleep Over!

Since Daddy is away on a business trip, and our friend's daddy is also away on the same business trip, we planned a mommy daughter sleep over.  It's been a long time in the works as we had originally thought up the idea before the daddys' January business trip, but then MiniM.E. and LittleL.G. both got so sick and we had to cancel.

Since then MiniM.E. has asked nearly ever day, "is THIS the day A. is coming for a sleepover?"

And finally, yesterday I could answer, "Yes! Today!"

Before the sleepover the girls had skating:

I can't believe how much MiniM.E. has improved since last session!

After a rest, A. and her mom came over and we made our own pizza.  The big girls were really into rolling out the dough and "decorating" their pizzas and LittleL.G. joined in too.

After the baby was in bed, the girls decided to play some Wii fit.  They found the running game, a game in which you run in place for two minutes as your Mii runs along on the screen following a cat. The challenge is paying attention to the things you run by as there is a quiz at the end.  They couldn't get enough of it and took turns "running" for close to an hour and a half.  Even MiniM.E. stayed up until 10, which is surprising because she rarely makes it to 7:30.

the soccer game was fun too
And then they conked out together in MiniM.E.'s room.  Maybe we should "run" every night before bed!

We had a lazy morning:

A.'s mom made us a delicious breakfast of penguin pancakes:

And we hung around all day because parenting two four year olds is now easier than having just one. The big girls played together (sometimes including LittleL.G. too) and the moms had a relaxing Sunday.

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