Just Being Little

LittleL.G. is developing her own little personality and it is amazing to watch the transition from baby to toddler.  She is headstrong and determined; admirable traits when learning to do something new, terrifying when refusing to go down the stairs any other way than forward stepping down like everyone else.  She is quick to snap when things aren't the way she likes, but just as quick to get over it and give a hug or have a laughing fit.  And she keeps us on our toes and entertained all day long. I am most amused by how attached she gets to certain things and how long she is able to hold onto them throughout the day.  Currently she is attached to a small milk jug which she carries around while playing in the kitchen (appropriately), but also while reading books, riding in the car, and taking naps.  It began with baby dolls- first playing with them and then not wanting to put them down for anything.  But it moved on to other things like a stuffed Elmo, a sippy cup, and to stranger items like a tiny measuring cup, the milk jug, and an apron. Wonder what crazy item she'll take to next!

this day it was the sippy cup and she insisted on napping with it- upright

here it was Elmo (and aren't they cute reading together!?!?)

and here it was the milk jug- pouring milk from it
and just hanging onto it while making coffee

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