Over the weekend in addition to MiniM.E.'s ice skating lesson with Daddy, church and a birthday party for one of our friends, we squeezed in some Saturday morning bowling.

MiniM.E. discovered a love for bowling months ago when a friend wanted to check out the local bowling alley for her son's birthday.  I didn't bring LittleL.G. because at the time, she had just started walking--timidly, and who wants to crawl around a bowling alley?  Or, more truthfully, what mom wants their kid crawling around a bowling alley? (Though I have to admit, after actually being at the bowling alley, that there are far filthier places and in all truth, with the bowling lane zambonis and the rental shoes, it is probably one of the cleaner places to crawl around.)

We ended up bringing LittleL.G. to the aforementioned birthday party and to our surprise it was a huge hit and she loved it.  Enough that Saturday morning when we woke up (much earlier than the sun rises) and were talking about going bowling, she incessantly found her way to the door and cried "bahhhl! bahhhhl?!!" for what seemed like hours (maybe it was 2 minutes?) at a time until she forgot about it.  Of course, MiniM.E. was also very excited to go bowling, and might have mentioned it at least 17 more times before it was actually time to leave- every time resulting in the screaming and crying.  At least we knew beforehand it would be a successful trip!

And it was- the girls had a blast, and since there were only two other kids to play with this time, the wait time was very manageable and delicious, cheap pizza made the wait to play even easier.  

The most adorable part was how excited MiniM.E. was to help LittleL.G. get set up.  Lately, LittleL.G. is all about doing it herself or only Mommy helping, and MiniM.E. wants to help SOOO badly.  Guess we'll have to go bowling more often so they can work together.  AND, it's nice to have another indoor winter activity!

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