NYC At Christmastime: Take 5

It's hard to believe that this year was our 5th trip to New York City to see Santa at the Plaza Hotel.  I was a little nervous about how to navigate the trip this year with two mobile kids who both are still too little to walk most of the time.  Our double jogging stroller is too big for the streets of NY so we decided on the single.  I was worried we would have too much stuff and too many kids fighting over sitting in the stroller, but luckily the weather was gorgeous so we didn't need to take up space with snowsuits and layers and LittleL.G. had no interest in riding in the stroller anyway.  So MiniM.E. could get in and out as she pleased and we packed lightly enough that all our gear fit underneath.  

We set out early (MiniM.E. exclaimed as we left, "but it's nighttime!! I wanted to go in the DAY!!!") and made it to the Poukeepsie train station (after a fairly miserable car ride- MiniM.E. started feeling carsick about half an hour in) with exactly enough time to buy tickets and make it to the platform.  

Both girls were beyond excited to be on the "choo choo train" and LittleL.G. signed train all by herself for the first time!

When we got there, we walked around Grand Central and looked around the Christmas Market while we waited for our friends who made the train a half hour after us.

When we met up, it was time to start walking:

Our first stop was Central Park so LittleL.G. could nap for a bit while we walked around and climbed a really big rock:

Then it was time for the zoo!

After the zoo it was time to see Santa.  I was so proud of both girls for sitting on his lap.

It must have really worn them out, because by the time we got to the tree:

they were both asleep:

We woke MiniM.E. up to visit the American Girl store and $34 of souvenirs later we were on our way to the carousel and Christmas Market at Bryant Park.

We had planned on Times Square, but we were all fading fast and headed back to Grand Central for the train ride home:

Great trip to the city!!

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